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 She merely shrugs in answer. “We’re going to have to travel with a group of them anyways. In the end, it’s really their own decision.

“Anyways, it’ll be sunrise soon. Let’s get off the main road and make camp.”

He nods, and they start walking into the woods nearby. This sleeping change was fine with him since he barely slept to begin with.

 With a yawn, she snaps her fingers, her clothing changing into a blue-black kimono with ruby trim. She places her scythe against a tree before lying down against it, casting another blood spell to create another transparent veil to block the sunlight before quickly falling asleep.

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    He keeps on running, expecting another attack any time now. Because he was in Wolf form, his senses were heightened...
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    she watches as he begins to run, then jumps into the air, flying overheard on her glittering wings.

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